What’s Been Going On?

I just noticed that it’s been almost a year since I posted anything on this site. Well, it has been an interesting year to say the least!

As I continue to evolve personally and professionally, it seems that things are expanding so fast at times it is hard to keep up. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, check out www.PaulaRenaye.com.

SONY DSCThe first thing you’ll notice is that it looks like a different person on the page. It’s not–it’s me. I’ve just been transforming myself on so many different levels. Yes, I let go of the hair coloring. And the funny thing is, now that I’ve also become more deliberate about healthy eating, the color is coming back. Go figure! I’m sure I’ll write about that as it evolves as well. (I decided to post a preview photo here just for shock value. Ha!)

By the way, Living the Life You Love has also won another national book award and will soon be available in India, Pakistan, Nepal and other countries as well as being available worldwide in English, Spanish and Chinese. So, hmmm, yes, quite a lot going on–and that’s just a small part of it!

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Living and Loving On Purpose?

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Of course we live and love on purpose! Ah, but do we really? How many of your choices are conscious and deliberate? Now, if you’re hungry and want a hamburger and go get one, that’s deliberate and on purpose. But what about on the emotional side of things? Do you really know why you do what you do?

A lot of times, we act–and react–as defense mechanisms. We want to avoid a pain of some kind or the perceived potential for it. And we rarely consciously recognize we’re doing it And that is never more true than navigating the murky waters of relationships. That’s what this site–and the book it is building toward–is about. If we truly want to have healthy and harmonious relationships, we have to figure out why we don’t. It’s not as complicated as we usually make it, but it does take deliberate effort. Yes, you have to do things on purpose!

There’s a great freedom and relief from making conscious choices to get what you want rather than scrambling to find some way to not feel that twisting in your gut over whether someone wants you or not.

There are all kinds of articles, tips, quizzes and motivational quotes on this site and my blog, so there’s plenty to start thinking about. Here’s a quote to get you started:

“Does life just seem to “happen” to you? Make a list of the things you do on purpose—then add to the list.” – Paula Renaye

If you’re ready to dive in and start creating the relationship and life you truly love, check out my private coaching options.

Take the quiz and let me know what you learned!

Paula Renaye


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