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Most of the following inspirational, motivational and conversational quotes are either pulled directly from Living the Life You Love or are paraphrased thereof. And some are just things I say.

If you like them, feel free to share them–just give me credit. I put my name beside each one to make it easy to copy and paste. Enjoy!

Take Actiontruth want to

Does life just seem to “happen” to you? Make a list of the things you do on purpose—then add to the list. – Paula Renaye

Either you want something different, or you don’t. If you do, then get busy doing something different. – Paula Renaye

If you want others to act differently, start giving them a good example to follow. – Paula Renaye

1-direction beachIf you want others to treat you differently, start treating yourself differently. – Paula Renaye

It’s great to be inspired. It’s great to be motivated. Now, what are you going to DO?  – Paula Renaye

Start being the person you think everyone else ought to be. – Paula Renaye

When things aren’t going the way I want, I just think, “This is going to make a great addition to my success story.” Paula Renaye

Beliefs1-know what to do

Acceptance means recognizing what you have control over, what you want in your life, what you don’t and acting accordingly. – Paula Renaye

If you believe you “always” get sick in flu season, and it’s true, why can’t you believe you’re always healthy and that’s true? – Paula Renaye

If you catch yourself thinking “if only…” then I would be happy, stop and metaphorically slap yourself. – Paula Renaye

Just because we acknowledge that we understand someone’s point does not automatically mean we agree with them. – Paula Renaye

cant know what dont  Just because you don’t want to hear the truth doesn’t meant you don’t need to. Paula Renaye

When you accept someone as is, you don’t try to change him to who you want him to be or pretend he’s someone he isn’t. – Paula Renaye

When you walk around expecting bad things to happen, you are begging someone to do something to make you feel bad. – Paula Renaye

friend wants it to


You can’t know what you don’t know, and once you know you can’t un-know. You can, however, lie to yourself about it. Paula Renaye

Your life reflects what you think about most.” – Paula Renaye


Getting out of an unhappy and unhealthy situation not only relieves you of its pain, it also clears a space for joy that can’t exist when you’re filled up with the problem. – Paula Renaye

1-whatiffing about pastStress and worry WILL show up in your physical body. Deal with the real issue so your body doesn’t have to. – Paula Renaye

1-control distractWhatever you find yourself continually complaining about, either make changes or admit you don’t want to and shut up about it. –Paula Renaye

Once you realize that your life is up to you, you also realize that you have the power to change whatever you need and want to. –Paula Renaye


Blame, Criticize and Deny

Shift your focus away from what others are doing and onto what you’re doing. – Paula Renaye

The easiest way to stay stuck and unhappy is to be looking at how others need to fix themselves and their lives. – Paula Renaye

The only people who will tolerate chronic criticizers and complainers are chronic criticizers and complainers. – Paula Renaye

The only reason people focus on others is so they don’t have to look in the mirror and face their own issues. – Paula Renaye

1-hold back bird cage freeMake a list of things that really bother you then mosey on over to the mirror and try each one on for size. -Paula Renaye

When we criticize others, we get to feel smart, smug and superior and our own warts stay safely hidden—or so we think. – Paula Renaye

Bullies and dictators will do whatever it takes to shore up their fragile egos, criticizing and attacking whoever or whatever didn’t go their way. –Paula Renaye


The one thing we think we absolutely cannot do is the one thing we have to face and ask why. – Paula Renaye

The very idea of putting words to our most secret desires can feel trivial and pointless, and terrifying and profound. – Paula Renaye

Three fears rule the world: fear of what we can’t control, fear of being alone and fear of death, which are sort of all the same thing. – Paula Renayecommon denom

We will continue to tolerate a situation we know we need to change rather than speak truth and risk losing it. – Paula Renaye

When asked, “What do you want?” I’m not sure what scared me most, that I didn’t know what I really wanted—or that I did. – Paula Renaye

When we’re afraid to speak truth because it will hurt another’s feelings, it’s really our own we’re worried about. ” – Paula Renaye

The best way to live a sad, lonely life is to spend it trying to please someone else. –Paula Renaye

A part of us instinctively wants to look unflinchingly in the mirror. Another part instinctively knows that doing so will bring us to our knees—it must. –Paula Renaye

Personal Responsibility—Own Your Choices

Don’t ever give away your power to another person. It’s your life. Own it! – Paula Renaye

If my life isn’t what I want it to be, I don’t play the blame game. I know that if I want to, I can make different choices. – Paula Renaye

If you always wind up with lemon cake when you really want chocolate, better take a closer look at the recipe you’re using to make it. Paula Renaye

If you don’t like where you’ve been, look around. If you see the same landmarks, you’re still there. – Paula Renaye

It’s hard to take that first look in the reality mirror and not blink, but it’s absolutely essential. -Paula Renaye

My parents, children, mate, boss, friends and pets are not responsible for my decisions or the way I choose to live my life. – Paula Renaye

Own your emotions and your reactions and deal with life head on. – Paula Renaye

Take responsibility for the way things are in your life. If you want different outcomes, make different choices. – Paula Renaye

Today, I know that the life I live is up to me. – Paula Renaye

Understanding the unconscious choices of the past empowers us to make conscious choices today. Paula Renaye

We all know the answers, sometimes we just need help remembering that we know—and be willing to live with the knowing. Paula Renaye

When you own the choices that got you where you are, you automatically empower yourself to make different ones. – Paula Renaye

You can’t change the past. You can, however, learn from the experience and choose whether or not to repeat it – Paula Renaye

If you’re going to obsess about something, might as well make it productive and obsess about things that improve your life. –Paula Renaye

Taking personal responsibility for yourself, your life and your choices is the most important thing you can do. –Paula Renaye


Because of what I put myself through, I know, in vivid detail, what my life looks like and feels like without self-respect–and with it. – Paula Renaye

In order to have a healthy relationship, you have to be one of the two healthy individuals in it who love and respect themselves. – Paula Renaye

The best way to live a sad, lonely life is to spend it trying to please someone else. –Paula Renaye

Being a Victim

Every minute you spend whining about how you were wronged is a minute of fun and joy lost.  – Paula Renaye

Getting your feelings hurt is for third grade. If you don’t take things personally, you can’t ever feel like a victim. – Paula Renaye

If you feel like people take advantage of you all the time, you are not a victim, you are a volunteer.

If you’re still blaming anyone for how your life is, you’re not living in the present and you have zero chance of being happy. – Paula Renaye

Sometimes, until we’re forced, we stay right where we are, tolerating what we know we need to change and making excuses for why we can’t. – Paula Renaye

You can spend your life bemoaning how unfair it is, or you can get on with living. – Paula Renaye

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