Beliefs Quiz

Read each statement slowly and allow whatever thoughts you have come up and be acknowledged–even if you aren’t happy you had them.

As always, there are no wrong responses–none–only insights.

Do you agree or disagree that:

  1. It is a relief to be married so you don’t have to date anymore.
  2. You must be married to have a real relationship.
  3. If you have sex with him you must be married to him.
  4. Married couples are happier than couples who live together.
  5. People who aren’t married can leave each other whenever they want.
  6. Couples must share everything.
  7. If you love someone you will marry him.
  8. Marriage is the ultimate way to show someone you love her.
  9. By marrying someone you promise to never leave him.
  10. Marriage is forever–you stay married no matter what.
  11. Divorce is bad and should be avoided no matter what.
  12. People who divorce have done something wrong.
  13. If you are married, your partner will have to stay with you.
  14. Family will disown you if you live with a man or woman you are not married to.
  15. Your partner is your other half and completes you.
  16. You feel empty without a mate.
  17. Getting married is the peak of the relationship.
  18. Married people look for ways to get away from their spouse.
  19. Happy couples are always together.
  20. Your partner is a reflection on you.

Now, again, there aren’t any right or wrong answers and  for each of these that really caused you to think or feel, explore them more. Ask why you think what you do.

Of course, if you’ll write down the information and keep it, you’ll be able to leap frog ahead when you get into the book!

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